An entry visa might be required to enter Jordan; we advise you to contact the Jordan embassy in your country. A number of countries may obtain the entry visa at the airport upon arrival, to know if you require an entry visa to Jordan please follow this link

  • Single Entry visas valid for two months:JOD 40 (approximately USD 56)
  • Double Entry visas valid for three months: JOD 60 (approximately USD 85)
  • Multiple Entry visas valid for six months: JOD120 (approximately USD 170)

Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months when applying for an entry visa to Jordan.
Payment for your visa upon arrival should be made in cash and in Jordanian Dinars. An exchange booth is available at the airport for your convenience.


Upon arriving to Jordan, you will be directed to Passport Control and Security, it is advised to keep a copy of your hotel confirmation on you in case asked for proof of or address of where you’ll be staying, and any other information that could be relevant to why you’re visiting Jordan such as your badge confirmation or verification that your company is exhibiting at SOFEX.


If you’re carrying any equipment with you while traveling to Amman, please make sure that the SOFEX 2020 Official Freight Forwarder Kuehne + Nagel is aware of such equipment to facilitate customs clearance procedure on your behalf. Hand carried equipment must be declared to avoid delay or holdup at customs.


Airport Taxis are available with listed prices at the booth, make sure you mention the area you’re heading to in Amman and to inquire about the price, you can at the end of the trip request a receipt from the driver.

Please make sure you arrange your pick-up back to the airport on the day you leave Jordan and to arrive at the airport three hours before your flight departs.


Exhibitors Access:

Online Registered Exhibitors can collect their badges onsite, please make sure to bring:

  • A photo ID to collect your badge along with the confirmation of registration.
  • Badge collection between 20 February until 30 March 2020 is from 10:00 until 15:00.
  • Badge collection and registration between 31 March – 02 April 2020 is from 09:00 until 16:00.
  • SOFEX is open only to industry Visitors, Military personnel and Delegations.

The opening hours for the SOFEX 2020 exhibition is from 10:00 until 17:00.


Visitors Access:
If you’re a Trade “Industry” Visitor holding and invitation card and have registered online beforehand your badge will be ready for collection on site:

  • A photo ID is needed to collect your badge along with the confirmation of registration and the exhibitors invite form.
  • Badge collection on 31 March 2020 from 12:00 until 16:00.
  • Badge collection on 01 – 02 April 2020 is from 09:00 until 16:00.
  • Entry on the first day of the Exhibition 31 March 2020 for Trade Visitors is at 12:00(No visitors will be permitted entrance to the exhibition site before this time).
  • The opening hours for the SOFEX 2020 exhibition for Trade Visitors on 01 – 02 April 2020 is from 10:00 till 17:00.
  • An entrance fee of JOD (5) per day will apply to pre-registered visitors not holding invitations.

If you’re a Walk-In Visitor please head to the SOFEX 2020 Registration Area and remember:

  • A photo ID is needed for the registration process.
  • Entry on the first day of the Exhibition 31 March 2020 is restricted to Exhibitors, Official Delegates, members of the Jordanian Armed Forces and Industry Trade Visitors holding invitations.
  • The opening hours for the SOFEX 2020 exhibition for Visitors on 01 – 02 April 2020 is from 10:00 till 17:00.
  • No entry for ages below 18 an ID will be requested from each visitor.
  • An entrance fee of JOD (5) per day will apply to all visitors.



Transportation And Shuttle Busses
SOFEX will be providing complimentary shuttle busses to transport the exhibitors from the accredited hotels to the site and back. The shuttle bus programme can be found on the SOFEX 2020 website transportation from the contracted Hotels to the site and back, a shuttle bus programme will be found at the Hotel’s Concierge desk, The SOFEX Registration Center and our website. Alternatively, cars are available for rent with optional GPS systems to help you get around Jordan during your stay, please check our website for the latest updates on the different car rental options.


Wi-Fi And Internet Access
Free Wi-Fi access will be provided by SOFEX all around the exhibition site,this will allow exhibitors and visitors on site to browse the web and check their emails.


Restaurant And Café On Site
SOFEX has appointed caterers that will be serving a wide range of foods and beverages during the buildup and the exhibition; located adjacent to Hall 3 you will find the On-site restaurant, the café and the dining area where you can enjoy different cousins. For more information make sure you pick up your copy of the floor plan for a detailed layout of the site marking the restaurant and café location.


Medical Services And First Aid
Starting from the build-up period a medical services team will be on site working hours.First Aid kits are located in different areas on site in emergency cases.


Praying Area
Throughout the site, SOFEX has located different areas dedicated for praying; please make sure you obtain a floor plan showing the locations of the praying areas.


The Parking Lot
Only vehicles with parking passes will be permitted entry to the parking lot, you can collect your pass upon arriving to the exhibition before the exhibition day, exhibitors are entitled to parking passes depending on the space reserved.